What is The Fembot Oracle?

The Fembot Oracle is a set of 78 images and 78 texts that can support you to live more from heart

If you are looking to explore deeper passion, freedom, love and intelligence in your life then it is for you.

If you are someone who has an enthusiasm to engage with life AND a passion to explore your spiritual depths then it is for you.

If you feel that the realms of excellence, creativity, intimacy, abundance, innovation, resourcefulness and play have a deep connection to the spiritual then it is for you.

If you believe the spiritual has a huge impact on money, food, sex, relationships, work, our bodies and desire then it is for you. 

What do I mean by live more from heart. 

Live - this is about our everyday lives and work - how we show up in the world. Our desires, our hopes, our fears, our dreams, our relationships, our work, our money, our sex lives, our pleasures and our pains.

More - this is a practice, something to explore and cultivate not get right or wrong. Living more from heart is an infinite journey, with no final destination. The heart is vast beyond measure in its potential to be explored and lived from. 

If someone were to recommend that you should LIVE FROM HEART - that is all very well but how do you make the jump from where you are right here right now to ‘there’. Living more from heart is about the journey and the exploration itself.

From - the heart is a centre of intelligence not a way or a method. This is not another guide advising you to live more LIKE THIS - telling you what you should or shouldn’t be doing in your life. Instead, it is pointing you in the direction of an alternative to the ego, a centre of your own deepest intelligence that you can take everyday and remarkable action from.

Heart - the million dollar question. What is heart? When I talk about heart I am referring to the part of us that is the integration of of body/mind, soul and spirit.

Over the years exploring the impact of my own work and the work of others I have come to deeply believe that artwork that is created from heart - from a space of potent integration supports us to connect to that space in ourselves. Art has the potential to create a ‘Namaste in action’ - the divine in me witnessing the divine in you. That is how I believe The Fembot Oracle can support you to live more from heart.

You can dive straight into the book - looking at the images and reading the texts for the Fembot Oracles you are drawn to.

I have also created 5 protocols if want to work more specifically:

Protocol 1 is for when you want support here and now and supports your deeper intelligence.

Protocol 2 supports 'Deep Divination' and will support you to answer the question: "What is the best way to move forward in my exploration of....?"

Protocol 3 supports 'Deep Alchemy' and will support you to open, explore and transmute challenging emotions - opening up deeper freedom.

Protocol 4 supports 'Deep Adventure' and will support you to unlock and ground deeper passion in your life. 

Protocol 5 supports 'Deep Integration' and will support you to unlock and ground deeper love in your life. 

To get the protocol videos, completely for free, sign up to the e-mail list on the welcome page and I’ll send you a link to the protocol guide page. 

When our family members, partners, friends or colleagues can join us in new heart centred conversations and collaborations what we can co-create is so much greater than the sum of the parts. That’s why I decided to make the ebook completely free. Please feel free to share this book with anyone you feel would enjoy and benefit from it. 

Lives of deeper passion, freedom, love and Intelligence are made all the richer when we can share them confidently with those joining us on our incredible journey. 

More of us ‘living more from heart’ makes our world a braver, kinder, more creative and more loving place - so please share this far and wide.

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