What is Deetell?

Deetell is an exploration of how we can integrate the surfaces and depths of our everyday lives, our work and our play. It is an exploration of how we can discover and include greater depths of creativity, resourcefulness, impact and pleasure in our lives. It is an exploration of how we can bring greater energy, authenticity and love into what we do. Rather than something to get right or wrong, a Deetell class or private session is a welcoming space to explore and play with this integration, whilst being more grounded than ever. 

Where does Deetell come from?

In April 2003 whilst having a private Seiki session with Akinobu Kishi, I had a powerful awakening experience. From that point on, I was able to remain lucid and stable whilst bridging an ordinary everyday awareness with a depth of energy and intelligence I had never felt before. At first I explored this whilst alone - noticing lots of semi-voluntary spontaneous movement and sound coming through. Within a week I was sharing it with friends and family and realised that in many cases it seemed to support them in a similar way to move and express spontaneously too. 

I was a healing practitioner at the time teaching and offering Reiki. I saw this new way of working as an adjunct to my healing work and over the next few years offered it as a healing therapy. Clients would come with a range of mental and physical issues and it seemed that in the majority of cases once they started doing Deetell their body and mind would start to open, let go and adjust and heal itself.

I was very aware that whilst many of the clients were extremely grateful and relieved that, for example, their back pain had gone away, as far as they were concerned the work was done. For me I had a growing sense that the work was just beginning. Whilst physical and mental healing was a beautiful thing it seemed somewhat limited with regards to what Deetell seemed to be offering. I became more interested in the potential for supporting greater creativity in everyday life and work and this was mirrored by my own opening as an artist - working with the captured movements that doing Deetell created.  Since 2003 I have done many private Deetell sessions and taught group classes.

Out of the explorations with Deetell came a framework I called 3aspect. 3aspect is used to integrate these explorations with other bodies of work. In 2016 I created 3aspect Reiki to combine this new work with my Reiki teaching work.

For more information on Deetell please click here to download the Deetell  Class Guide.