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Deetell Class - London

"Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing
and rightdoing there is a field.
I’ll meet you there.
When the soul lies down in that grass
the world is too full to talk about."



Deetell is a mindful and playful exploration of how we can integrate the surfaces and depths of our everyday lives, creative expression, work and play.

In the class we explore this integration with a range of exercises, games and an open space of 'mindful embodiment' - supporting spontaneity and whatever else we notice. At the heart of the class is a good sense of humour, adventure and a deep welcoming of whatever wants to arise.

Often people ask what is meant by surfaces and depths. The surfaces of our lives is where all action occurs. Every thought, every sensation, every decision, every movement expresses itself at the surface of our lives. All our work and creativity expresses itself at the surface. All of our play, desire, fun and pleasure are expressed at the surface. Every kiss, every act of generosity, every betrayal, every birth, every death, every laugh, every tear and every smile takes place at the surface.

Beneath the surfaces are immense depths. At the deepest depths of ourselves we can find, through practices such as meditation, a profound stillness, a potentiality, a ripe full emptiness ready to birth the new. Adyashanti calls this 'the dazzling darkness’ -dazzling with life but completely empty and open.

In between the dazzling darkness and the surfaces are mid-depths. These are the realms of intuition, spontaneity, heart and gut. This is the seat of all creativity and our deepest truths.

Thinkers such as Ken Wilber and Aldous Huxley have explored and written about the common ground in otherwise deeply conflicting contemplative traditions/religions. They found that common to almost all of them was an awareness of 3 realms - often referred to as the gross (surface), subtle (mid-depths) and causal (deepest depths).  Ken Wilber points out that we all experience all three of them every day as they also relate to fundamental states of consciousness - waking, dreaming and deep dreamless sleep.

It is an integration of these realms that we explore in Deetell, in an embodied and dynamic way.

Often I'm asked why do it? Deetell can support in exploring richer lives, work that is more creative and resourceful and pleasure that is deeper and more alive. For singers and other performing artists it can connect performance, craft and song with a greater depth of passion, truth and aliveness.For those who don't see themselves as 'creative' it can unlock immense creativity. Recently in classes some students have shared that they felt like they were children again with an immense sense of feeling free and safe.

Deetell Classes are open to everyone. Whatever one’s experience with either Deetell or any kind of meditation, creative practice or movement work - all are welcome.

A Deetell class is a space of openness and exploration. All internal arisings:  excitement, nervousness, frustration, futility, delight, contraction, expansion are all equally and deeply welcomed. 

There is no getting it right or wrong - whatever presents itself at the surface level is personally held and explored whether it’s a thought, an emotion a movement or a sound. The primary quality to cultivate in the class is one of mindful noticing - in that space of noticing so much becomes possible. 

The class will be on Sunday September 27th in the beautiful 19 Greek Street, Soho, W1D 4DT.

This class is 2.5 hours long, with time afterwards for those wanting to stay for a while and share with others or just sit and relax. Doors open at 13:15with the class running from 1:30pm-4pm.

Places are limited to 20 people - the fee for the class is £25.

The class fee includes all materials for the exercises as well as the Deetell 1 class guide linked below and a meditation mp3/video made specifically for this class.

To book please e-mail to see if space is still available before payment is made.

For more information on the class click here to download the Deetell Class Guide.

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Deetell Class - London
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Deetell Class - London