Group Show With Billy Childish's Studio Collective - 'Heckel's Horse'

In September 2014 I joined Billy Childish's studio collective - 'Heckel's Horse'. We work together every Monday at Billy's studio in Chatham. Billy mentors the collective and supports us in a myriad of ways with the production of our own work.

I am very happy to be part of our new group show at Sun Pier House Gallery, Chatham.  I will be exhibiting a number of new oil mono-prints.


The Billy Childish Studio, Group Exhibition, 23 June – 11 July 2015
In support of the Medway Open Studios, 18- 26 July 2015

Billy Childish and a group of younger artists he has mentored at his studio in Chatham Dockyard are to exhibit as a group show in support of the Medway Open Studios & Arts Festival

The exhibition includes paintings, drawings and monoprints by Billy Childish, Edgeworth Johnstone, Gretchen (Andrus) Andrew, Huddie Hamper and Stephen ‘Jason’ Morallee. All of whom visit the Childish studio regularly to make their own work - in what is in this day and age a unique approach to studio practice.

In the lead up to the Medway Open Studios Festival, ‘The Billy Childish Studio Exhibition’ has been organised to raise awareness of the Festival and the opportunities available for emerging artists in Medway. The exhibition will conclude with an evening talk by Billy Childish where he will lead a conversation on the work in the show discussing his role as artist and mentor.

The exhibition is open to the public from the 23 June to 11 July at the Sun Pier House Gallery, Chatham. The artist’s talk will take place on Saturday 11th July, 7pm (…tbc date/time…) and will be free to attend.

Medway Open Studios & Art Festival (MOSAF) is an independent, non-profit festival, now operating in its fourth year and growing. With over 20 venues confirmed already for 2015 the public are given the chance to meet Medway based artists in their homes and studios. The 2015 event runs from Saturday 18th July to Sunday 26th July. Founded in 2012 by Heather Burgess, who also established the Sun Pier House Gallery, the Festival continues to grow, year on year. Offering art enthusiasts and curious minds a relaxed art trail across the Medway towns, festival goers can meet a variety of artists, designers and makers, and even have a go at making their own piece of work.

William Hamper aka Billy Childish was born in Chatham, Kent in 1959. After leaving secondary school at age 16, he worked at the Naval Dockyard in Chatham as an apprentice stonemason. Initially denied an interview to the local art school, during six months of employment at the dockyard he produced hundreds of drawings that gained him entry to St. Martin's School of Art. Childish's defiance to authority and his insistence on integrity and personal style above the formalities of educational requirement led to his eventual expulsion from art school in 1981. Childish then embarked on an artistic, literary, and musical odyssey exploring a broad range of worldly themes including war, history, social protest, art hate, religious philosophy, as well his own experiences of alcoholism, and the sexual abuse he suffered as a child. Over 35 years of continual creative activity Childish has gained a cult status world-wide; writing and publishing over 40 volumes of confessional poetry, 5 novels, recorded over 100 LPs, and painted hundreds of paintings.

This work has been featured in numerous international solo and group exhibitions at, among others, ICA - Institute of Contemporary Art in London and White Columns in New York (2010), as well as most recently at the Neue Aachener Kunstverein in Aachen, Germany.