Hearts - The Exhibition

Close to the explorations of the Fembot series, Hearts is an exploration of the spontaneous, the figurative and their relationship.

All the lines were drawn spontaneously after a period of waiting.

Sometimes, I internally felt my way around my own body with eyes closed. My focus would move from mouth, to chin, to neck, to shoulder, to chest… all the while my hand would move. Other times, with my eyes open, my focus was open too and I’d watch my hand move and the figure appearing before me.

Once the drawing finished, I’d meet it and then listen for where the eyes and heart would be painted, and sometimes other parts of the body too. Once painted, I knew the figure was a little more fixed than before.

Finally, with the the figure in front of me I’d ask it it’s name. Often within seconds I’d hear a name, occasionally I’d raise an eyebrow, but knew it was my job to write it down.





For the Hearts Gallery click here

The exhibition is at the 19 Greek Street Gallery in Soho, London

It runs from 12th December 2013 to 17th January 2015