Fembots - The Exhibition

On Friday 5th December 2014, the exhibition  'Fembots' opens at fiveseventen in Earls Court - London.

Fembots is a new body of work exploring the arising of the figurative from the spontaneous.

All of the Fembots are photographic self portraits.

A bit of photographic polarity.

A bit of photographic integration.

That's all I say about how they were created.

Fembot 10,000A

Fembot 10,000A

Fembot 9000

Fembot 9000

Fiveseventen is quite a remarkable place - a private gym/estate agents/gallery. After finishing the hang on Sunday I was delighted how all 20 pieces are there.

232 Old Brompton Road, London SW5 0DE

The show runs from December 5th 2014 to May 1st 2015

Each Fembot piece is part of an edition of 33.

25 - 11" x 14"
5- 30" x 38"
3- Artist Prints

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