The Fembot Oracle is a collection of 78 images and 78 texts, created by Stephen, that can be used to help answer: “What is the best way to move forward in my exploration of……….?”.

The images can also be used in many ways to support explorations of deeper passion, deeper freedom, deeper love and deeper intelligence.

For over 14 years through his own works of Deetell & 3aspect, Stephen has been working to support clients in exploring the integration of both spontaneity and stillness with their everyday lives and work.

Using Deetell to create the images from photographic self-portraits and 3aspect for the texts, he created The Fembot Oracle to provide a tool that can support exploration in a vibrant and curious way.

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Stephen has been working with the Fembot imagery since 2014 - click here to see more of the Fembot work over the years.